Please read the Rules and Information document to familiarize yourself and your team (and parents) with our event. 

Important Changes to make note of:

Small Sided Play and Age Group Changes

VIT will follow the US Soccer and Indiana Soccer Mandates for small sided play and age group changes.  No exceptions will be made. 

  • Age Groups will use the newly established birth year format.  Example:  Players born in 2000 will be 17U (seventeen and under) in the fall of 2016.
  • Teams must play in the format for their age groups. 
    • 8U may not play up to 9U or 10U age 7 v 7 formats
    • 9U-10U teams MUST play 7 v 7.  They may not play up to 11U formats of 9 v 9
    • 11U-12U teams MUST play 9 v 9 and may not play up to the full sided game format.
  • Field & Goal Size
    • 7 v 7:  47x30 field with 6.5’x18.5’ goal
    • 9 v9:  75 x 47 field with 6.5’x18.5’ goal
  • Heading the ball for players 10 and under.  US Soccer has mandated that heading be disallowed for this age group.  If a player in the 10U and 11U age groups heads the ball, a foul will be called and an indirect kick awarded.  To satisfy this requirement, Indiana Soccer requires that this rule be in place for the 11U age group as well.  (Many players will be 10 that play in the 11’s for at least part of the year.)