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About Indiana Fire Juniors South

We are Indiana Fire Juniors South

Indiana Fire Juniors South is committed to providing developmentally appropriate environments for all levels of players. Our experienced and nationally certified professional staff ensures that each club player receives appropriate instruction, quality leadership, and exposure to valuable life lessons. Our premier competitive teams participate in an intense winter training program and a rigorous league schedule, complimented by prestigious tournament play. Our  program ensures a structured, challenging, and fun environment for players who wish to learn the game of soccer while competing at a high level. Players engage in a structured winter training program and participate in appropriate leagues and tournaments. 

"Teaching Life Lessons One Player at a Time " 

Our History

 The Evansville Soccer Club began it's inaugural year with the 2008-2009 season. Two large clubs, Evansville Elite and NEYSC Blitz  joined to make the new Evansville Soccer Club

The Evansville Soccer Club operates under the auspices of the Indiana Soccer Association (ISA, an affiliate of the United States Youth Soccer Association - USYSA), Evansville Soccer Club administers the Select Soccer program which provides a format for the youth player wishing to receive advanced soccer training and competition.  Through participation in the Evansville Soccer Club, players will be given the opportunity to improve their individual and team soccer skills, compete against other skilled players, be eligible for the regional, state, and national Olympic Development Programs (ODP), and improve their chances of playing for their middle school, high school and college soccer teams. 

The Evansville Soccer Club will consist of around 30+ boys and girls teams in single-age groups ranging from Under-9 to Under-19 years of age. The Evansville Soccer Club is an independent non-profit organization run by its Board of Directors and managed by its executive officers. 

Our History 

The Evansville Elite Soccer Club was founded in September of 1991 in the parking lot of Evansville's Red Bank Library upon the imminent dissolution of the Evansville FC Spirit club.  After the FC Spirit meeting in which the club all but dissolved, a group of parents - parents of a group of girls who wanted to play soccer - discussed whether or not we could go it alone. 

That group of girls would become the first Evansville Elite team, a U14 team, although we didn't yet have a name. 

A meeting was called for October 6 at which committees were formed.  The committees were filled with the names of the founders of the team yet to become a club:

  • Roger and Susan Colman
  • Barry and Nita Heathcotte
  • Lou Klass
  • and Linda Stofleth

During that first official meeting, some founding principles were decided. These principles were the result of problems or bad experiences we had while members of our former club. 

  1. We would be an all-girls club.
  2. Girls would be allowed to play soccer for their schools, but would not be permitted to play recreation soccer.
  3. Evansville High School season for girls' soccer was in the spring and conflicted with the club travel season.
  4. Recreation soccer was deemed to be a problem if running concurrent with our season.
  5. The club would be administered by the parents, and the parents would hire qualified coaches.
  6. Coaches will play all the girls. This was not intended to mean equal playing time because of varying skill levels, attitudes, commitment, etc., but we felt that if we selected the girls, they should see playing time.

We would be a U14 team and move to U15 the following year. We would interview Kevin Rock for the coaching position. (Kevin later became the club's first Coaching Director). Kenny Weinzapfel soon joined Kevin. 

We would play under the auspices of the Evansville Area Soccer Association and work toward our own by-laws. 

Evansville would be in our name. Proposed names would be submitted for consideration. 
Some weeks or so after the initial meeting, we were joined by a U13, then by a U12 girls' team, and we had the beginnings of a club. 

The club was later to become the largest all-girls' soccer club in the state and one of the largest in the Midwest. Officers were named for the three teams, and the officers of the U14 team became officers of the club. The original officers were: 

  • Barry Heathcotte, President
  • Lou Klass, Vice President
  • Linda Stofleth, Secretary
  • Roger Colman, Treasurer

At a later meeting of the U14 team and in conjunction with the other two teams, it was determined that our club colors would be Kelly green and navy blue with Kelly or emerald green as the primary color. (The purpose for the choice was to distinguish ourselves from other area teams. Area high school primary colors were: red, black, gold, brown, maroon, gray, royal blue, navy blue and forest green. Local college colors were royal blue, red and purple. Local club colors were: red, black, royal blue, aqua blue or sea foam and purple. The one color not taken was Kelly green. Although there was a lot of interest by the girls in purple as a secondary color, navy blue was finally selected by the parents). 

Coaches were hired for the inaugural teams:

  • Kevin Rock, U14;
  • Justin Igleheart and Mark Schlacter, U13;
  • Brandy Meyer, U12

Initial managers were: Barry Heathcotte and Lou Klass, U14; Jane Hancock, U13; Steve Cissel, U12. Our initial Goalkeeper coach was John Bertram (longest running coach in the club's history). 

The club grew by one team each year as new U12 teams were started. With the help of Kevin Rock and Kenny Weinzapfel, the club added three teams: U10, U11 and U12. Now in its fifth year, the club had grown to eight teams. 

The club continued to grow down in age brackets as a U9 team was added. 

David Nicholson was named President of the club; the club was incorporated, and a lot of good things began to happen. David brought much-needed organization and stability to the club. The developmental program for U6, U7 & U8 was initiated. 

Joint oversight and usage of the new soccer fields at James Price Park were awarded by the City of Evansville to the Evansville Flame and the Evansville Elite Soccer Clubs. A sprinkling system was installed and a fifth field was added. 

The all-boys' Evansville Flame Soccer Club approached our club about merging the two clubs. The two clubs had worked very closely together the previous year on the proposal to the city regarding Price Park, but there were still a lot of strong feelings about us remaining an all-girls' club. After much discussion, the all-boys' Evansville Flame joined the all-girls' Evansville Elite to make the combined boys' and girls' Evansville Elite Soccer Club. 

2002: With a lot of hard work by a lot of people, the first annual Veteran's Invitational Soccer Tournament was hosted and was attended by 110 teams from five states.Tournament Director was Dolli Kight. 

2003: More hard work led to the second Veteran's Invitational being attended by 160 teams from seven states; this represents a 45% increase over the first tournament. Dolli Kight was Tournament Director once again. 

2004: Club president David Nicholson spearheaded an effort to bring together the various local soccer clubs in pursuit of building a community soccer complex. His efforts along with those of many others in the Evansville soccer community resulted in the beautiful Goebel Soccer Complex. The tournament attracted 249 teams (a 56% increase over 2003) from eight states. Debbie Tucker and Stacia Miller served as Co-Directors. With Rick Weber as our IYSA commissioner and with Evansville Elite having hosted very impressive Veteran's Day tournaments, Evansville was awarded the 2004-2005 State and Challenge Cup Finals. 

2007: Evansville Elite joined with NEYSC Blitz to form one of the largest clubs in Indiana. Their first Inaugural year would be the 2008-2009 season: EVANSVILLE SOCCER CLUB 

Our club was founded in order to give a group of girls a place to play competitive, traveling soccer under quality coaching, but so much more has been accomplished.  While we are now over 30 teams STRONG we are committed to providing quality coaching and a quality experience to all players. 

Strategic Plan


  • Invest in player development for ALL levels of players and ages so they are challenged and enjoy the game more.
  • Grow the game by expanding our reach into underserved markets and creating passionate, life-long fans of the game.
  • Attract, Retain & Develop top coach talent for ALL levels of players and ages.
  • Increase National Visibility for the benefit of ALL players regardless of age or ability.
  • Deepen and expand relationships (ISL, ICL, MRL, US Club, Other clubs ,etc.) so that we create additional options for ALL players.
  • Maintain and strengthen financial stability to ensure the club can deliver on its future commitments.
  • Capitalize and strengthen brand for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s players.
  • Build effective and efficient operating model so coaching staff can focus on what they do best -- coaching!
  • Create and act on plan for complex development so ALL players have a professional training environment.