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Parent Resources

Welcome to the Parents Page

This section of our website is dedicate to providing parents with vital information that will help them improve their child's soccer experience at the club. At CFJ West, we like to make sure that parents are given numerous resources to help benefit the child's performance. The guidelines below highlight our expectations from parents, both at practice and on game day. Please watch the club's communication closely to find out when parent education workshops are held for topics such as soccer basics, training priorities, club culture, college recruiting, and more. 

Parent Expectations

At CFJ West, our goal is to cultivate an environment where players have the opportunity to learn and develop with freedom of expression and without the fear of failure. All players should be encouraged and supported from the sidelines. It is important to allow the information to come from the coaches - even if its silence to to allow players to work through the challenge themselves and apply previous coaching points. Parents are NOT allowed to be on the sidelines during practice. Please see our parents code of conduct below for our the expectations placed upon our parents.


US Youth Soccer offers great articles about from researchers, reflections from former pros about their youth soccer experience, and national experts on sidelines behavior, developmentally appropriate perspectives, and more.

A Value Based Approach

Chicago Fire Academy PASS Program

Insight into the Chicago Fire Academy value-coaching, management, and learning objectives.

Positive Coaching Alliance - Courses

PCA is the Chicago Fire partner for developing positive coaching habits in order to impact players lives on and off the field.

"We're coaching a person"



Child's view point

Set The Example

Coaching Curriculum

Our coaching curriculum is the blueprint for all of our practices and the development guidelines we have for players within our program. It highlights the key development phases of each player and ensures all programing for our players is developmentally appropriate, constantly challenging them to be better and improve their key soccer skills.  

CFJ West Coaches Page

Insight into the management of our coaching staff.

Parent Resources

Wonder how you can help your child improve their soccer skills? Use these parent resources as a guideline to helping your child's soccer efforts and help them to develop both on and off the field.


Check out our video section to see if there are any skills you can work on at home with your player.


Below are a number of articles which are designed to help soccer parents to help their children as soccer players and provide information on a variety of different topics.